Optics, Lenses Polarizers

Optics, Lenses Polarizers

REFLEX Analytical offers a broad selection of optical materials and fiberoptics for use in research and development, military, industrial, medical and CO2 laser markets. Scroll below to preview.

The optical materials are fabricated into transmission windows, lenses, viewports, beamsplitters, linear holographic and free standing wire grid infrared polarizers, ATR prisms and rods, forward looking infrared (FLIR) optics, excimer laser lenses and output couplers. Optical coatings and metallization are available to enhance performance.

CO2 laser optics include ZnSe plano-convex and meniscus focus lenses, ZnSe beam splitters, lens protectors, turning mirrors, Molybdenum and Copper mirrors, total reflectors, metal mirrors, zero phase reflectors, output couplers, end reflectors and phase retardation reflectors.

The fiber optic materials are assembled and incorporated into process control, remote sampling, imaging, non-contact pyrometry, laser and many other environments.

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