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This is the photonics and spectroscopy forum for supplies and accessories where you can find a comprehensive selection of cuvettes, analytical lamps, analytical sampling devices, polarizers and optics used in research and development, industrial, environmental, food, petrochemical, medical, pharmaceutical, military and many more applications. The available products provide for performance from vacuum ultraviolet through the far-infrared spectrum.

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Throughout our 29 year history, REFLEX Analytical Corporation has received considerable attention as the low-cost, high value provider of spectroscopy supplies and accessories. While such accolades are gratifying, we are most proud, not of our operational efficiency or the comprehensive nature of our product line, but of the sterling reputation created by our customers. This prevails opportunity to celebrate and thank you, our customers, for your loyalty and consideration. Our mission statement remains intact as we look forward to "Serving you across the Spectrum" in the years ahead.

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