Company Profile

Company Profile


We take pleasure introducing ourselves as a fast expanding professionally oriented company with a successful track record of more than 40 years experience in the analytical and photonic markets. REFLEX Analytical ("the Company") is recognized as a leading international spectroscopy supplies and accessories company. The Company established itself working off the success of their management with the vision to offer an expanded line of analytical products. The Company's management has a contemporary focus to complement the traditional means of analysis with process control and automated configurations for enhanced lab productivity. The Company serves an international analytical community of spectroscopists, chemists and chromatographers within research and development laboratories at the government agency, university and corporate levels. This same community is involved with investigating and developing new products and enhancing old products in the state of liquid, solid or gas. With pride, the Company provides the means and the medium for analytical groups worldwide to successfully launch new products and instill quality within products as they go through their life cycle. CLICK HERE to preview our catalog. The Company is headquartered in Ridgewood, New Jersey USA.


Our customers see the possibility of a better future. They are the heart of REFLEX Analytical and we are humbled to partner with them on their journey. Our passion for giving all customers the best chance for success inspires our research, methodology, and unique perspectives. The same spirit of customer focused support to achieve success, inspired the formation of the Company. It continues to guide our work today. Itís the driving force behind everything we do, and we have no intention of slowing down in the future.


Respect for each other is a cornerstone of our collective principles and our commitment to demonstrating exemplary conduct. We require our employees to comply not only with laws and regulations applicable to our business, but also with the values of honesty, integrity, respect and trust. We expect our business relationships to be based on those same values.


A dynamic management team supported by an enviable marketing network has enabled the Company to achieve their principal targets with commendable zeal. The excellent after sales services have earned a high customer satisfaction benchmark for the Company. The Company has the establishment of distribution channels through a selected dealer network and seeks to expand representation for their products by inviting contact from dealers and distributors in your area. In an effort to assist their customers to instill quality assurance measures in their R & D and manufacturing environments in a real-time manner, the Company has announced an aggressive local, regional, national and international campaign to identify and align with sales partners who are product specialists with application experience from the UV to the Far Infrared. Having these resources of broad knowledge is in line with the Companyís corporate message to their customers, "Serving you across the Spectrum".


The Company has developed excellent relations with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) alliances to represent world-renowned organizations. Since the Company's key principals have provided them with high sales performance for more than thirty years, the Company will continue to build upon an asset relationship for long term mutual benefit.


When a satisfied customer demonstrates continued confidence in the Company by referring a colleague, it assures us that our commitment to your satisfaction is recognized. Send us an email, refer a colleague and you both will receive a $25 credit. There is no limit to how many credits you can earn. Sharing is fast and easy. The credits will be applied toward your next purchase and the referred colleague's first purchase.


For compelling socio-economic reasons, the Company along with its corporate plan, is crusading to create greater public awareness related to the importance of science. We have assumed a worldwide pro-active role that subsidizes public outreach programs designed to educate and inspire young scientists from ages 5 to 18. In accordance with our pledge, REFLEX will donate 2% of sales on orders of $500 or more to Societies who have established efforts in this area. The Company is committed to form alliance with professional science societies worldwide, providing resources and support to help forge a new generation of independent thinkers. It's the perfect program to associate with International Chemistry Celebration, National Chemistry Week, National Science and Technology Week, and other public outreach programs seeking to enhance public appreciation for science and its positive contributions to everyday life throughout the world. We welcome everyone to contact the Company for more information.


The Company is a privately-held company. The financial information is deemed to contain confidential and proprietary detail.

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