Dealer Inquiry

Dealer Inquiry

REFLEX Analytical Corporation has the establishment of distribution channels through a selected dealer network and seeks to expand representation for their products by inviting contact from dealers and distributors in your area.

We are committed to show our customers and dealers that their experience is more than the sale. It is about relationships and loyalty, commitment and dedication. Your needs become our passion to support. We look forward to addressing the unique challenges associated with each application and contributing to your success. Think of us as a partner and an extension of your company.

In an effort to assist their customers to instill quality assurance measures in their R & D and manufacturing environments in a real-time manner, REFLEX Analytical Corporation has announced an aggressive local, regional, national and international campaign to identify and align with sales partners who are product specialists with application experience from the UV to the Far Infrared. Having these resources of broad knowledge is in line with the Corporation's message to their customers, "Serving you across the Spectrum".

REFLEX Analytical Corporation welcomes your contact or referral to address this opportunity. CLICK HERE to preview our catalog.

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