15 Ton Manual Hydraulic Laboratory Press with 3.50" Round Platen, Gauge & Shield.

15 Ton Manual Press

15 Ton Manual Press
Item# 15011
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Product Description

This laboratory package includes a pre-set manually operated 0 - 15 Ton Hydraulic Press with a 3.5" round platen, pressure gauge and safety shield. The press dimensions are 24"H x 12.25"W x 7.50"D. The ram stroke is 1" with maximum 6" daylight. Weighs 106 lbs. CE models are available.

The 3.50" round platen provides ample area for large dies, sample holders and heated platens commonly used with the constant thickness film maker. Included is provision for vacuum line connection to pellet dies and utilities. The pre-set pressure feature permits the required application pressure to be locked in. The pre-set pressure can vary up to 15 tons which offers the ability to adjust the maximum pressure setting to prevent damage to dies and other application accessories with various maximum pressure ratings. A manifold and low pressure gauges 0 - 1 ton, 0 - 2 tons or 0 - 5 tons are optional (scroll below) for critical applications requiring an accurate pointer reading on larger scale references.

CLICK HERE to watch a video to fully appreciate the 15 Ton Manual Press design and engineering features.

If required, refer to Part No. 15515 for optional 4" round water cooled, 300C heating platens with temperature controller. The heated platens are able to withstand pressure up to a maximum 15 tons.

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