13mm University Pellet Die, 13mm Uni-Die

13mm University Pellet Die

13mm University Pellet Die
The University Pellet Die also known as the Uni-Die is a unique 13mm evacuable pellet die that forms a pellet within the assembly’s barrel chamber after compressing the sample matrix between two polished mandrels using a laboratory press. The mandrels are easily removed while the pellet remains intact within the center of the barrel.

The barrel is then placed in the path of the spectrophotometer’s beam for analysis. The pellet can be dissolved with water and dried for subsequent sampling. The die components are fabricated from hardened stainless steel and features an evacuable connection permitting interface with a vacuum pump. Use of a vacuum pump permits the installation of die components without vacuum resistance.

The simple three piece construction is a preferred alternative to other multiple component die assemblies. The ease of the Uni-Die assembly and disassembly speaks for itself. It can manage applied pressure up to 5 tons.

Order details below provide for a barrel chamber with a vacuum port, two polished mandrels with o-rings, sample holder and instructions.

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13mm University Pellet Die
Spare 13mm Mandrels
sold as a set of two mandrels
Oil-Less Vacuum Pump 110V
Oil-Less Vacuum Pump 110V
1/8 hp motor and vacuum gauge. size 7.625” x 5.125” x 8.0” and weighs 45lbs