Square and Rectangular Evacuable Pellet Dies

Square and Rectangular Evacuable Pellet Dies

Square and Rectangular Evacuable Pellet Dies
REFLEX Analytical offers a series of custom evacuable square and rectangular pellet die assemblies. Sizes range from 3mm up to 101.6mm. Larger, customized geometries and dimensions are encouraged and available upon request. Click on the above representative image to enlarge and become familiar with each die component. Contact REFLEX Analytical with the die specification your application requires.

Each evacuable pellet die is precision fabricated from high quality hardened 440C stainless steel. The assembly includes a die chamber, one set of anvils(2), a plunger, a evacuable stepped baseplate and an extraction ring to facilitate sample pellet removal. The overall assembled height including the die chamber, stepped baseplate, two anvils and plunger but without sample powder is 104mm. The die chamber only dimensions are 50mm height x 45mm outside diameter with each anvil measuring 10mm thickness (two anvils are typically used for pellet fabrication although one anvil could be used for thicker pellet fabrication).

REFLEX Analytical recommends the review of the chamber height to confirm there is adequate height to fabricate a pellet to the desired pellet thickness. Also ensure there sufficient height between the top and bottom press rams. The pellet dies are commonly used with our series of laboratory presses.

Tungsten carbide anvils are optional and ideal for hard or abrasive powdered sample materials which may tend to mar the surface of stainless steel anvils. Notably, the tungsten carbide transverse rupture strength is 500,000 psi and hardened Stainless Steel is 100,000 psi. Therefore theoretically, tungsten carbide offers 5x the compression strength when compared to hardened stainless steel. A tungsten carbide die chamber and die plunger are also higher cost options.

Other options include a 200C heating jacket and digital temperature controller; and an optional centered thermocouple port for a customer supplied thermocouple and independent temperature read out.

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up to 101.6mm square. specify dimension.

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up to 101.6mm length. specify length & width.

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200C Heating Jacket and Temperature Controller
(for the above referenced dies up to 25.4mm)
Oil-Less Vacuum Pump 110V
1/8 hp motor and vacuum gauge. size 7.625 x 5.125 x 8.0 and weighs 45lbs