Pellet Molds

Pellet Molds

Pellet Molds
REFLEX Analytical offers pellet mold assemblies for fluid extraction, extrusion, flow testing and pressure forming. The standard pellet mold sizes include 1.125" and 2.25" diameters. Scroll below to order.

Customized geometries and dimensions are encouraged and available upon request. CLICK HERE for custom circular, square and rectangular sizes ranging from 5mm up to 40mm.

Each pellet mold is precision fabricated from high quality hardened stainless steel and robust to withstand a maximum applied load on the 1.125" pellet mold of 38,000 lbs and 102,000 lbs for the 2.25" pellet mold. The pellet molds are commonly used with our series of laboratory presses.

The assembly includes a main body, an optically polished stainless steel pellet, a stainless steel plunger and a stainless steel sample extractor sleeve to facilitate sample removal. The assembly dimensions for the 1.125" pellet mold are 4" H x 2" O. D. and 4" H x 3" O. D. for the 2.25" pellet mold. Add 2" for the extractor sleeve to account for a 6" overall height.

The standard package includes either a 1.125" or 2.25" pellet mold assembly with 12 filter pads and a 5.50" diameter stainless steel fluid pan.

CLICK HERE to preview other solid and semi-solid sampling accessories such as evacuable pellet dies, XRF dies, heated dies, manual and auto lab presses, polymer film makers, and much more.
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1.125" Diameter Pellet Mold
2.25" Diameter Pellet Mold
Spare Plunger for 1.125" Pellet Mold
1.125" Diameter x 3.25" Length
Regular price: $495.00
Sale price: $195.00
Spare Plunger for 2.25" Pellet Mold
2.25" Diameter x 4.0" Length
Regular price: $595.00
Sale price: $295.00
5.50" Stainless Steel Pan for Fluid Extraction
4.50" working area diameter x 0.75" depth
Regular price: $99.00
Sale price: $69.00
1.125" Filter Pads(12) for Fluid Extraction
1.125" Diameter x 1/8" Thickness
Regular price: $39.00
Sale price: $19.00
2.25" Filter Pads(12) for Fluid Extraction
2.25" Diameter x 1/8" Thickness
Regular price: $89.00
Sale price: $69.00