Specac APEX 400 Automatic XRF Hydraulic Press

APEX 400 Automatic XRF Hydraulic Press

APEX 400 Automatic XRF Hydraulic Press
Coming soon in 2023. REFLEX Analytical introduces a new technologically advanced automatic hydraulic press for XRF laboratories. APEX 400 Automatic XRF Hydraulic Press is dedicated to the production of XRF pellets. It is a benchtop press designed for repetitive use in high-throughput testing environments and can produce sample pellets in steel rings, aluminum cups or as unsupported pellets. Click on the image above for an enlarged preview.

It is the first press to support ring dies for 51.5mm o.d x 35mm i.d., 40mm o.d. x 35mm i.d. and 40mm o.d. x 32mm i.d. sizes; as well as standard APEX 400 dies with 32mm and 40mm diameters. When pressing pellets without steel supporting rings, the smart technology permits the pressing platen to switch automatically between pressing and extraction modes. Sample loading is simple with access to the die is via a pull-out drawer which is positioned at a comfortable height for repeated sample filling. The external position of the die when filling prevents build-up of stray powder inside the machine.

CLICK HERE to watch a brief video to fully appreciate the APEX 400 Automatic XRF Hydraulic Press design and engineering features, as well as how productive your lab can be.

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