800C/1000psi Liquid, Solid, Gas Cell

800C/1000psi Liquid, Solid, Gas Cell

800C/1000psi Liquid, Solid, Gas Cell
This is a high temperature, high pressure gas, solid and liquid cell designed for extreme condition spectroscopic analysis. The accessory is capable of providing temperatures up to 800C and permitting a range of pressures from vacuum to 1000 psi. It's configured to perform in transmission, specular reflectance or decomposition modes. The cell supports a 13mm disc assembly for transmission analysis. Specular reflectance can be performed with a simple interchange of the 13mm holder for a specular baseplate assembly. The decomposition mode is attained by repositioning the 13mm holder to permit placement of the heated sample in a pan just below the optical beam .... as gases evolve, the sample is analyzed. Scroll below for order details.

Constructed from corrosion resistant stainless steel, the cell is fitted with ZnSe outer jacket windows as standard. A high stability dual read-out temperature controller with RS-232, RS-485 or USB computer interface accompanies the accessory to accurately monitor sample and set point temperatures. The outer jacket windows can be heated separately up to 200C to prevent condensation of evolved materials. Multiple inlet/outlet ports are incorporated in the design to allow purging and easy mixing of gases for either continuous flow or static operation. The cell volume is 80ml. Its pathlength is 30mm.

Built in safety features include a low voltage (30V) heating system, thermal switches to prevent overheating, a burst disc to prevent over pressurization, safety certified outer jacket windows, and water cooled top and bottom blocks to prevent heat transfer within the sample compartment while allowing the accessible surfaces of the accessory to maintain safe temperature.

The cell is suitable for liquid vapor studies, process gas analysis, solid or solid-gas decomposition studies and general extreme condition high temperature, high pressure investigations. CLICK HERE for the modes of operation and scroll below for the User Manuals to appreciate the precision design and engineering features. REFLEX Analytical welcomes your contact to discuss your application demands.

The order details provide for an accessory configured for transmission and decomposition. As an option, the specular reflectance upgrade can be combined or ordered separately. You may refer to this Product DataSheet to assist with ordering the items below. Recall to specify your spectrometer make and model.

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includes programmable temperature controller

User Manual CLICK HERE
includes 5850 with specular reflectance upgrade

User Manual CLICK HERE
sold as a pair
tested and certified. sold as a pair.