2.5 Ton Manual Hydraulic Pellet Press

2.5 Ton Pellet Press

2.5 Ton Pellet Press
The 2.5 Ton (5000 psi) Pellet Press is a super-compact, portable and maintenance free manual hydraulic press that is perfect for fabricating small diameter pellets. It permits the use of 1mm, 3mm and 7mm non-evacuable dies and 3mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm evacuable dies. Scroll below for order details.

The design enables the user to apply the required load for sample preparation through the simple rotation of a load knob. Accurate visual pressure readings are established with the pointer gauge which contributes to reproducibility and greater productivity. The pressure gauge eliminates the guess work commonly associated with lever action, hand operated torque wrench and bolt presses. The press configuration measures 5.0 (W) x 7.80 (D) x 7.90 (minimum H) and weighs a solid 10 pounds.
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2.5 Ton Pellet Press Only
2.5 Ton Pellet Press Package
includes press, 7mm die set with two additional die collars, pellet holder, 35mm agate mortar/pestle, 50g KBr powder and spatula
1-3-7mm Non-Evacuable Pellet Die Sets
3-5-6-8mm Evacuable Pellet Die Sets
3-5-6-8mm Evacuable Pellet Die Sets
Oil-Less Vacuum Pump 110V
Oil-Less Vacuum Pump 110V
1/8 hp motor and vacuum gauge. size 7.625 x 5.125 x 8.0 and weighs 45lbs