Low Volume 5cm and 10cm PTFE Gas Cells

Low Volume 5cm and 10cm PTFE Gas Cells

Low Volume 5cm and 10cm PTFE Gas Cells
The demountable 10cm PTFE gas cell is a development in reply to requests offered by the spectroscopy community. The cell is precision fabricated from solid PTFE bar stock thereby eliminating the risk of gases permeating and absorbing into the surfaces of normally coated or surface treated metal bodied cells. Gas analysts have confirmed the PTFE body prevents degradation and cross contamination from residual gas sampling.

The cell offers a 25mm clear aperture and volume capacity of 50ml which is ideal for low volume gas analysis. A demountable 5cm PTFE gas cell is also available. Scroll below to order.

As pictured, the assembly consists of threaded 1/4" PTFE valves, black anodized threaded aluminum end caps, Viton o-rings and PTFE gaskets. A slide mount accompanies the cell which features a locking mechanism to align and secure the cell. Also included are 1/4" x 1 1/2" long PTFE tubes(2) each with a hose barb end for connecting with laboratory tubing. Standard 38mm x 4mm windows are required.

An optional choice of transmission materials include but are not limited to NaCl Sodium Chloride, KBr Potassium Bromide, CaF2 Calcium Fluoride, BaF2 Barium Fluoride and ZnSe Zinc Selenide.

If required, CLICK HERE to preview a series of heated and high pressure gas cells capable of achieving temperatures up to 800C and permitting a range of pressures from vacuum to 1000 psi. The cells are suitable for gas analysis, liquid vapor studies and solid or solid-gas decomposition studies and general extreme condition high temperature, high pressure investigations. REFLEX Analytical welcomes your contact to discuss your application demands.

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add choice of 38 x 4mm transmission windows
select window material. sold as a pair.
5cm PTFE Gas Cell and Mount
add choice of 38 x 4mm transmission windows
sold as a pair