Solids Cell for Variable Temperature Transmission Spectroscopy

Solids Holder

Solids Holder
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Product Description

REFLEX Analytical offers two different solids cell holders for use with the Transmission Cell Heating Jacket. Part number 20600 has a fixed size aperture of 10mm and hence solid samples can be analyzed from 12mm to 28mm diameter and up to 3mm thick. Part number 20610 consists of outer and inner cell threaded bodies and three pairs of pressure plates. The varying aperture sizes of the pressure plates enable samples with a diameter of 12 - 17mm, 17 - 22mm and 22 - 30mm and up to 8mm thick to be analyzed. A K-type NiCr/NiAl or T-type Cu/CuNi thermocouple can be inserted in the cell's thermocouple port to monitor sample temperatures. The solids cell holders can operate without transmission windows if desired. Select part number when ordering.