Heated/Cooled Pellet Die

Heated/Cooled Pellet Die

Heated/Cooled Pellet Die
REFLEX Analytical's ingenuity and engineering continues to develop new products for the industrial and laboratory communities. Its patent pending Heated/Cooled Pellet Die permits fabricating pellets under high pressures and at temperatures between -4 to +212 degrees F (-20 to +100 degrees C). An ideal solution when electrically heated and cooled devices are prohibited.

Attaching 1/4" tubing from a heated/cooled circulating bath to the die jacket's inlet/outlet ports provides for integrated liquid heating and cooling capability. Each assembly includes an evacuable port which can also be utilized to introduce a thermocouple couple to accurately monitor and control the die temperature at the sample area prior to evacuation.

The dies are commonly used with our series of laboratory presses. Each die component is precision manufactured from hardened 440C stainless steel. The assembly includes a black anodized heating/cooling jacket, die chamber, vacuum base, (2) polished anvils, plunger, (2) vacuum o-rings, extractor ring and operating instructions. Scroll below and order from the list of standard and custom circular pellet die sizes.

A couple of options are available and can be ordered separately. They include tungsten carbide anvils and a vacuum pump. Tungsten carbide anvils are ideal for hard or abrasive powdered sample materials which may tend to mar the surface of stainless steel anvils. The evacuable design feature with the use of a small lab oil-less vacuum pump permits easy installation of anvils and plunger without the vacuum resistance normally associated with non-evacuable dies. A vacuum pump is recommended to assist with the production of moisture free pellets.

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in between non-standard diameters > 5mm up to 16mm. specify diameter. includes 4 hardened 440C stainless steel anvils.
in between non-standard diameters > 16mm up to 40mm diameter. specify diameter. includes 4 hardened 440C stainless steel anvils.
Oil-Less Vacuum Pump 110V
1/8 hp motor and vacuum gauge. size 7.625 x 5.125 x 8.0 and weighs 45lbs