Wig-L-Bug Digital Grinding Mill v2.0

Wig-L-Bug Digital Grinding Mill v2.0

Wig-L-Bug Digital Grinding Mill v2.0
The Wig-L-Bug Digital Grinding Mill v2.0 is a solids sample accessory that offers high speed pulverizing action. Compared to older Wig-L-Bug Grinding Mill models, this new 2.0 version offers enhanced features including a digital timer, robust construction and an integrated clear safety cover to view the grinding vial operation.

The engineering also boasts “quiet operation” with the motor securely encapsulated to minimize vibration and noise. The digital time selected in seconds can be entered up to 95 seconds. Using the 1” long x 0.50” diameter Stainless Steel vial with a 1/4” Stainless Steel ball pestle, the rapid motion of the vial and the fast mixing action of the ball pestle permit samples to be ground more uniformly and reproducibly. The mixing action is reciprocating in the form of a figure eight. At 3000 rpm, the ball pestle swings through a 6.5 degree arc and strikes the ends of the vial 1875 times in ten seconds. The selected duration of grinding influences the particle size.

This cost effective device pays for itself by becoming a convenient replacement of valuable time when using conventional agate mortars and pestles.

Contributing to the Wig-L-Bug Digital Grinding Mill v2.0 stability is the 14.5 pounds weight and size (10.75” height x 5.70” width x 6.80” depth). When ordering, specify 110V or 220V voltage.

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requires vial and pestle
Stainless Steel Vial & Pestle
1" x 1/2" ss vial with 1/4” ss ball pestle