Variable Temperature 5 - 130C Liquid Transmission Cell Analyzer

5 - 130C Liquid Transmission Cell Analyzer

5 - 130C Liquid Transmission Cell Analyzer
The Transmission Cell Analyzer is a precision engineered, high throughput accessory for quantitative and qualitative analysis of liquid samples in the mid-infrared spectral region. The accessory accommodates a demountable liquid cell that consists of two 32 x 3mm transmission windows (undrilled and drilled), spacer, front plate with luer-lok fittings and two gaskets. Choose from a wide variety of transmission window materials and PTFE spacer pathlengths specifically configured for your application needs. Each cell is easily positioned to ensure accurate alignment and maximum reproducibility. Click on the above image for an enlarged impression. Scroll below for order details.

The temperature range of the accessory is from 5 to 130C with +/- 0.50% accuracy. Heating and cooling is controlled with a built-in Peltier device. The Peltier element provides for reproducible ramping and for reaching target temperatures quickly and reliably at 10C/minute. The Peltier device must be water-cooled for proper operation which can be achieved by running cold tap water through the water jacket integrated into the accessory shell or by the use of an external liquid circulator. The system is driven by a digital temperature controller either directly or via PC with optional software control. The software allows for easily programmed temperature profiles with unlimited ramps and unattended automatic data collection with most instrument software platforms.

The Liquid Transmission Cell Analyzer will fit into most FTIR spectrometers. Contact REFLEX Analytical to discuss interfacing with your instrument.
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5-130C Liquid Transmission Cell Analyzer
includes temperature controlled base, demountable cell, gaskets and one set of assorted spacers. select temperature controller and undrilled/drilled transmission windows.
Digital Temperature Control Module
Undrilled Transmission Windows
Drilled Transmission Windows
More Transmission Windows
CLICK HERE for selection and ordering
PTFE Cell Spacers
select pathlength. sold as a package of 12.
Assorted PTFE Cell Spacers
2 each 0.015mm, 0.025mm, 0.05mm, 0.10mm, 0.20mm, 0.50mm, 1.00mm
Liquid Recirculator
Spare Demountable Liquid Cell
Teflon Stoppers
sold as a package of 12
Spare 32mm Viton Gaskets
sold as a package of 12
Spare 32mm PTFE Gaskets
sold as a package of 12
Glass Luer-Lok Syringe