Analytical Process Flow Cells for Liquids and Gases

Process Flow Cells

Process Flow Cells
REFLEX Analytical has partnered with Specac Limited and their team of engineers that have over 30 years of process application experience to offer a series of process flow cells designed to withstand the rigors of process and environmental conditions while maintaining continuous measurement stability with a proven track record of reliability and robustness in the most demanding industrial environments. CLICK HERE to download and preview the series of process flow cells with operating features up to 1500 psi and 400°C.

The process flow cells are a key enabling technology to facilitate the acquisition of continuous online UV/Vis and NIR spectroscopic absorbance process measurements. They are typically installed as part of the process circuit either directly in the process stream or as a by-pass loop. By adopting the process flow cell in a by-pass loop configuration, the user has the opportunity to isolate the process flow cell from the process for routine cleaning, servicing, or calibration.

Computer-aided optical design ensures that the process flow cells have the highest levels of optical throughput to ensure the best quality of spectroscopic data. Each process cell is customized to ensure exact matching with the client’s process requirements. Material metallurgies, seal types, and window materials are chosen to be compatible with the chemical and environmental needs of the application. This often goes beyond standard operating conditions, and includes aggressive cleaning regimes and extreme weather conditions.

The optical designs are configured for the UV/Vis or NIR spectral regions as appropriate with fiber optic connectivity. The optical pathlengths are set to ensure optimum spectral absorbance of the target chemical species. A range of pipe fittings and flange connections are available to interface the process flow cell with the process pipe work. Cleaning ports and seal leak warning ports can also be integrated into the cell design. REFLEX Analytical welcomes your contact to discuss your application demands and request for quotation.

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