80Spec Specular Reflectance

80Spec Specular Reflectance

80Spec Specular Reflectance
Specular Reflectance is a technique for analyzing transparent films which usually yield weak spectra by ordinary transmission techniques. Applications include surface coatings on reflecting substrates; film thickness measurements by interference fringes and reflectivity coefficient determinations of metals.

The application is the determining factor when deciding which angle of incidence should be selected. A 30 angle of incidence is normally chosen for more routine samples which have coating thicknesses in the micrometer range. For very thin coatings in the nanometer thickness range, an 80 angle of incidence would be appropriate.

When sample thickness is unknown, the full range of specular reflectance analysis can be performed conveniently with the VeeMAX III Variable Angle 30 - 85 accessory. Simply move the sliding lever on the graduated scale to the desired angle. Each accessory provides a reference mirror to permit the operator to acquire a background spectrum. Their designs eliminate stray light and ensure minimum energy loss. Sensitivity can be further enhanced with the use of either a manual rotating wire grid polarizer or a automated wire grid polarizer.

The order details below provide for an 80 Specular Reflectance accessory only. The 30, 45 Fixed Angle Specular and Variable Angle Specular accessories can be ordered separately.

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includes Au alignment mirror and dual polarizer mount
includes 3/8, 5/8 and 2 sample masks, Au alignment mirror and dual polarizer mount