FAME Biofuel Autosampler for measuring fatty acid methyl ester

FAME Biofuel Autosampler

FAME Biofuel Autosampler
REFLEX Analytical proudly announces the development of an automated attenuated total reflectance accessory which performs fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) sample analysis. This innovative analytical accessory measures FAME absorbance at 1745 cm-1 due to their ester carbonyl bonds and by measuring the absorption, the FAME content of the biofuel can be calculated.

The accessory incorporates a removable X – Y microtiter plate platform for easy loading and unloading of samples. Using a 24 well microtiter plate format enables 24 unique measurements to be conducted within one run. Each well plate made from stainless steel consists of 24 individual and removable 500µm thick Silicon micro ATR crystals with a 7 x 9mm sampling area suitable for low and high viscosity samples. The Silicon also has an extremely inert sampling surface and is ideal for substances having a pH between 1 - 12. The ATR crystals are removable and interchangeable. Additionally, the microplates can be sterilized in an autoclave for repeated use.

Automated software is integrated with the accessory to control motion and data acquisition. USB and DC power are the only external connections required. The software control drives highly accurate servo motors with optical encoders for speed and reproducibility. Data collection is enabled through communication with most FTIR software programs. The software allows for traceability by facilitating multiple users. Sample descriptions may be entered manually or uploaded from a spreadsheet and sample information can be stored with the spectral file. For ease of file finding, the program offers numerous file name schemes such as time stamp or unique file prefix naming. It also incorporates options for calling macros to execute post-processing commands such as peak picking, report generation and export data to a spreadsheet format.

The heart of the accessory is its optical design based on a precision fabricated ellipsoidal reflector which has been Diamond turned for optimal performance. The optics demagnify the beam to a size that fills the active sampling area. The accessory’s in-compartment mounting will fit most FTIR spectrometers. Contact REFLEX Analytical to discuss interfacing with your instrument. The prospects of providing a demonstration unit can also be considered although either a 12 well or 24 well microtiter plate will be required for purchase due to the nature of sampling.

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includes motion control and data acquisition software; and a 24 well microtiter plate with 24 mounted Si crystals
includes 24 mounted Si crystals
includes 12 mounted Si crystals
sold as a pair