FTIR Reflectance Kit II

FTIR Reflectance Kit II

FTIR Reflectance Kit II
Three high throughput accessories offering versatility to interchange between ATR, Diffuse and Specular Reflectance techniques. As pictured above, the extra value package includes the following accessories. Scroll below for order details.

Part No. 022-12XX Horizontal ATR system with combined 45 degree multiple reflection ZnSe trough and flat top plates, flat plate clamp, volatiles cover and powder press.

Part No. 042-10XX High Throughput Diffuse Reflectance system with micro and macro sampling cups (2 each), KBr powder, sample funnel, shuttle for sample cups, 35mm agate mortar/pestle, 2 spatulas and camel hair brush.

Part No. 011-1000 Thirty Degree Specular Reflectance system with sample mask set.
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Extra Value FTIR Reflectance Kit II