Custom Microfluidic Cells

Custom Micro Capillary Flow Through Cells

Custom Micro Capillary Flow Through Cells
REFLEX Analytical welcomes the opportunity to address your requirements for custom micro capillary flow through cells.

The selection of optical materials include UV Quartz, IR Quartz and glass. CLICK HERE to preview the representative transmission spectra displaying the useful spectral range from UV-Visible through the Near Infrared wavelengths.

The precision manufacturing process requires each cell to be either single piece fabrications or assembled by direct fusion without the use of adhesives. The bonding process allows for geometries that would be difficult, if not impossible. Microfluidic cells and devices typically have features and channel sizes as small as 100 microns while larger fluidic devices have channel sizes ranging from 0.5mm to 3mm. If required, external machining completes the cell by adding ports and mounting holes.

The materials are well suited for photonic and spectroscopic applications providing for optical clarity, chemical resistance and low fluorescence. Investigations supported include micro-volume analysis, DNA and protein synthesis, receptor analysis, synthetic organic chemistry, neurobiology, forensic medicine, polymerase chain reaction and many life science purposes.

Mechanical drawings with specifications and tolerances are prerequisite.

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