Specac Atmos Gases and Vapors Analysis Cell

Atmos Gas Cell Series

Atmos Gas Cell Series
REFLEX Analytical introduces the Atmos Gas Cell whose unique compact cell body permits spectral analysis of extremely low sample volume that generates superior high energy throughput. For example, the 2.5 meter Atmos Gas Cell offers an impressive 40% open beam energy throughput. The proprietary designed and formatted Gold protected mirrors induces the highest sensitivity available which leads to more accurate measurements in critical monitoring situations. Scroll below for pricing and order details.

The Atmos Gas Cell series is assembled with internal and external components fabricated from Nickel-plated Aluminum and Stainless Steel. The Nickel-plated Aluminum body is suitable for high vacuum 10 4 Torr and high pressure operation up to 125 psi. The gas cells are completely free from adhesives and the Viton o-ring seals (only four) are pre-baked to eliminate any contamination from solvents or out-gassing. Kalrez o-ring seals are optional for demanding applications requiring the highest chemical resistance and compatibility. Additionally, the screws assembled inside the cell body have small bleed holes drilled into them to prevent any trapped pockets of gas causing sample cross contamination. These design features ensure freedom from unwanted impurities. The cells include 1/4 o.d. vacuum/gas inlet and outlet valves and a choice of CaF2 or ZnSe windows with optional heating up to 200C.

You may refer to this Product DataSheet to assist with ordering the items below. Recall to specify your spectrometer make and model for the proper lever-lock baseplate. Select from the following cell volumes and fixed pathlengths. You are welcome to contact REFLEX Analytical to address your application demands.

A2.5 Gas Cell Volume: 0.27 liter Fixed Pathlength 2.5m

A5 Gas Cell Volume: 0.63 liter Fixed Pathlength 5m

A10 Gas Cell Volume: 2.12 liters Fixed Pathlength 10m

A20 Gas Cell Volume: 3.68 liters Fixed Pathlength 20m

CLICK HERE for the User Manual and for instruction using a Atmos Gas Cell to collect gas spectra.

Purge bellows, a pressure gauge kit and replacement windows are also available if required. Purge bellows fit between the optics box of the cell and the spectrometer to allow the purging of transfer optics with inert gases such as Nitrogen. This feature allows absorbance due to atmospheric H2O and CO2 to be eliminated from spectral measurements. The pressure gauges provides an integral pressure relief valve which ensures that cells are automatically depressurized in the event of accidental over pressurization.

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Atmos A2.5 Gas Cell Series
sold as a pair
Atmos A5 Gas Cell Series
Atmos A10 Gas Cell Series
inlet/outlet flow tube connection. sold as a pair.
Atmos A20 Gas Cell Series