Dichroic Beamsplitters (Gold Dichroic Beamsplitter & Platinum Dichroic Beamsplitter)

Dichroic Beamsplitters

Dichroic Beamsplitters
REFLEX Analytical offers dichroic beamsplitters which are designed to separate visible light from infrared light. Depending upon the application's light transmission and reflection requirements, select from either a Gold dichroic beamsplitter or a Platinum dichroic beamsplitter. Gold dichroic beamsplitters transmit visible light (400 - 700nm) and reflect infrared light (3 - 12Ám). Conversely, Platinum dichroic beamsplitters transmit infrared light (3 - 12Ám) and reflect visible light (400 - 700nm). The dichroic beamsplitter plate geometry is plano-plano and is designed for use between 0 - 45 degrees angle of incidence. The dichroic beamsplitters feature high efficiency anti-reflection coatings and each beamsplitter's spectral performance is optimized for a specific wavelength range.

Gold Dichroic Plate Beamsplitter:

70% average transmission between 400 - 700nm

95% reflectance between 3 - 12Ám

CLICK HERE to download the representative performance curves for the Gold dichroic beamsplitter.

Platinum Dichroic Plate Beamsplitter:

85% average transmission between 3 - 12Ám

85% average reflectance between 400 - 700nm

CLICK HERE to download the representative performance curves for the Platinum dichroic beamsplitter.

Contact REFLEX Analytical to discuss your requirement. Available sizes include 1.0" and 2.0" diameters.

Refer to www.reflexusa.com/beamsplitters.html for 50% Reflectance, 50% Transmission beamsplitters along with a variety of percentage reflectance and percentage transmission specifications which are wavelength dependent from UV to the infrared.
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