Reflectance Accessories

Reflectance Accessories

REFLEX Analytical offers a broad selection of reflectance accessories for FT-IR Spectroscopy to assist with liquid, solid, semi-solid and interactive gas sample analysis. Scroll below to preview.

For a limited time, SAVE 10% across the entire product line on orders of $1000 or more. Indicate SAVE10 with your order. Due to the unique customer application needs for accessories, REFLEX Analytical will address the requirement and submit a quotation to reflect the savings.

The product line includes ATR attenuated total reflectance, diffuse reflectance and specular reflectance accessories. Choose from either single, multiple reflection horizontal ATR systems or variable angle HATR/VATR vertical ATR formats. REFLEX Analytical fabricates a large selection of ATR crystals, prisms, rods and hemispheres while also offering a repolishing service for salvageable ATR elements and ATR top plate reconditioning service to support existing ATR accessories.

The diffuse reflectance accessories can be provided in a standard format or with optional reaction chambers. Variable temperature and high pressure features can be incorporated for both horizontal ATR and diffuse reflectance accessories.

Specular reflectance products feature a choice of fixed angle or variable angle accessories along with a variety of infrared wire grid polarizers to enhance the signal sensitivity of the analytical investigation. To ease high volume sampling demands and contribute to laboratory productivity, automated reflectance accessories and automated polarizers complement the product line. Contact REFLEX Analytical to discuss your application.
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