15 Ton Manual Digital Hydraulic Lab Press (4" Round Platen, Digital Gauge & Shield)

15 Ton Digital Lab Press

15 Ton Digital Lab Press
REFLEX Analytical's ingenuity and engineering introduces a laboratory press with digital control and display. This laboratory package includes a manually operated 0 - 15 ton hydraulic press with a 4" round platen, digital pressure gauge and safety shield. There is also provision for utilities and vacuum line connections.

Accurate visual pressure readings are established with the digital gauge which contributes to reproducibility and greater productivity. The digital pressure gauge eliminates the guess work commonly associated with reading the pointer and small scale references on standard commercial pressure gauges. In addition, the digital pressure gauge features the ability to monitor the maximum pressure to prevent damage to dies and other application accessories with various maximum pressure ratings. The digital force values register in one-tenth of a ton with a suggested minimum operating pressure at 0.50 ton.

The press dimensions are 13.5"H x 12"W x 9.8"D. The ram stroke is 0.50" with maximum 4.5" daylight. Weighs 98 lbs. Assembled for 110V or 220V electrical input. CE models are available.

Contact REFLEX Analytical for quotation including freight fees to your destination. Please provide a complete shipping address. Request a catalog for optional laboratory press packages, evacuable pellet dies, pellet molds, and XRF dies for FTIR and XRF Spectroscopy.
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