Trumpf solid state laser protective glass lens protector with 1030nm AR coating.

1030nm Trumpf Laser Lens Protector

1030nm Trumpf Laser Lens Protector
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Product Description

The 1030 nm Laser Lens Protector is a precision fabricated optic. It was developed as a cost effective solution to maximize the productive life of a focus lens within a laser system designed for cutting, welding or laser engraving at 1030 nanometers. The lens protector offers material advantages of greater hardness, strength and durability which includes a performance enhancing anti-reflection coating that provides for more than 99.5% transmission and reflection losses less than 0.25% per surface at 1030 nanometers, as well as the ability to withstand 5 kilowatt laser output. The superior laser energy throughput regularly contributes to the operational efficiency of Trumpf TruLaser, TruDisk and TruMicro lasers and similar high powered lasers. The materials processed satisfy strict quality control standards which meet or exceed the performance requirements of the laser manufacturer.

The 1030 nm Laser Lens Protector establishes nobility as a focus lens shield against airborne particles (back spatter, fumes) and the variety of contaminants surrounding the work area. Most lens mounts are designed to provide adequate space for the insertion of a plano-plano lens protector in front of the focusing lens. The lens protector is excellent value added benefit for laser operators who are particularly pleased with the savings lens protectors can offer since the damage and replacement of the focus lens is reduced significantly. The life of the lens protector would be typical of the life associated with an unprotected focus lens which is dependent upon the circumstances during the work process.

Other sizes are encouraged and available upon request. REFLEX suggests confirming the available space within the focus lens mount or laser head since there is variation depending upon the laser manufacturer and the focus lens edge thickness. Certain lens mounts will require a smaller or larger lens thickness to properly adapt. The diameter of the lens protector is typically the same as the focus lens diameter.