Single Bounce FastIR

Single Bounce FastIR

Single Bounce FastIR
This is a high performance, pre-aligned single reflection ATR accessory. When compared to more expensive single reflection designs, its sensitivity is equally impressive for qualitative and quantitative analysis. Scroll below for order details.

The unique 45 degree ZnSe internal reflection element, combined with the two mirror assembly for beam entry to the sample and return to the instrument's detector, provides for minimal energy loss and records an average 85 percent open beam throughput.

Other design features include the ability to easily remove and clean or replace the ATR crystal from its mechanical mount assembled with the flat or trough top plate. This convenience permits interchange between other ATR crystals without having to purchase complete top plate assemblies. A kalrez gasket incorporates an assured seal for the top plates and eliminates problems associated with designs using epoxy. The gasket does not interact with the sampling radiation, thus spectra are free from spurious peaks or energy degradation.

The standard order details provide for a single reflection accessory with a 45 degree ZnSe flat top plate, pressure clamp, volatiles cover and flexible tubes for purge maintenance.

Additional options include a ZnSe trough top plate, heated solid and liquid top plates, liquid flow-through cell, spare 45 degree ZnSe, Ge or Si prisms and slip clutches. Slip clutches are ideal for applying measured and reproducible pressure to ATR crystals. They also serve to limit the maximum pressure applied to prevent damage to the ATR crystal.
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ZnSe Single Reflection FastIR
Flow Through Liquid Cell
0.1ml volume
0 200C Liquid Flow Through Cell
Swagelok connections and K-type thermocouple (includes digital controller with USB interface)
Spare ZnSe Crystal Only
Optional Slip Clutch 24 in-oz
Optional Slip Clutch 56 in-oz