Overstock CO2 Laser Optics includes lenses, couplers, reflectors, mirrors, etc.

Overstock CO2 Laser Optics

Overstock CO2 Laser Optics
CLICK HERE to download the overstock CO2 Laser Optics list including beamcombiners, beamsplitters, meniscus lenses, plano-convex lenses, plano-concave lenses, output couplers, phase retardation reflectors, turning mirrors, total reflectors, ZnSe AR coated windows, ZnSe uncoated windows and zero phase reflectors.

Identify the item of interest on the overstock list and contact REFLEX to confirm availability. A quotation will be administrated. The quotation shall remain valid as long as the item remains available since the overstock list is dynamic and constantly changing.

The majority of the overstock items have been processed to meet strict quality control standards to fulfill a customerís requirement although a very small number of overstock items may have a slight blemish such as an edge chip. REFLEX Analytical will inspect and advise if any item does have a notable blemish. Items on the overstock list are sold on a "as is" basis. All overstock sales are final. Overstock items are non-refundable and non-returnable.
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