Spectroscopy Grade UV, Near-IR and Mid-IR Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics
REFLEX Analytical offers a broad selection of fiber optic cable assemblies. The product line of spectroscopy grade fiber optic cables complements the fiber optic systems, sensors and components with developing and existing customer installed fiber optic systems. They are configured for research and development, military and industrial applications requiring signal response within the UV through mid-IR spectral range. They are incorporated into process control, remote sampling, imaging, non-contact pyrometry, medical, laser and many other environments. Contact REFLEX Analytical to discuss your application.

Fiber optic cables create the link with system components. REFLEX Analytical offers a selection of nine spectroscopy grade fiber materials (UV Silica, Sapphire, Low OH Silica, Germanium Oxide, Zirconium Fluoride, C1 Chalcogenide, C2 Chalcogenide, C3 Chalcogenide and Silver Halide), three types of cable assembly (light industrial, standard industrial and process industrial), a choice of fiber core diameters and fiber lengths ranging from 1 - 150 meters. Request a catalog for a schedule of materials, core diameters, length and attenuation curves.

Spectral Performance Features:

UV Silica .................. UV to visible 0.18 - 1.15 micron

Sapphire ................. UV to mid-infrared 0.20 - 3.50 micron

Low OH Silica ....... near infrared 0.70 - 1.95 micron

Germanium Oxide ... near to mid-infrared 1 - 3.25 micron

Zirconium Fluoride .. visible to extended near IR 0.45 - 5 micron

Su Fiber .......near infrared to extended near IR 1.4 - 5 micron

C1 Chalcogenide ......................... mid-infrared 2 - 11 micron

C2 Chalcogenide .. near infrared to mid-infrared 1.5 - 7 micron

C3 Chalcogenide ........................ mid-infrared 2 - 6 micron

Se Fiber ... near infrared to mid-infrared 1.5 - 10 micron

Silver Halide ................ mid-infrared 4 - 18 micron

Fiber Optic Cable Features:

Light industrial cables are designed to protect long lengths of Low OH Silica and have thermoplastic jacketing with fiber strengthening members and SMA connectors.

Standard industrial cables are designed to handle most industrial applications and feature a stainless steel braid over a PTFE tube outer sheathing with SMA connectors.

Process industrial cables are used in the harshest environments and considered the most rugged cable available. Process cables have fiber optics that are sealed in an inner stainless steel cable and is encased in a PTFE liner surrounded by a stainless steel braid with hermetically-sealed process connectors.
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