Crossed Polarizer Rotator

Crossed Polarizer Rotator

Crossed Polarizer Rotator
Item# 12700CPR
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Product Description

The Crossed Polarizer Rotator is a design which is similar to the Universal 360 degree Polarizer Rotator although features the ability to attach a second polarizer for crossed polarization requirements. A crossed polarized configuration achieves high contrast thereby providing for higher extinction ratios.

The assembly permits inserting one polarizer within the rotary mount while the second polarizer is located and secured over the first. Each polarizer can be rotated 360 degrees independent of the other. A lens, beamsplitter or filter could be used in place of the second polarizer.

This rotator is assembled with a 3" x 2" backplate and base tapped holes for bread board or optical bench mounting. When used with FTIR instrumentation, the rotator is installed within the sample compartment's slide mount. To accommodate bread board and optical bench mounting, a 120mm post is supplied. The black anodized rotator features a 5 degree graduated scale and 360 degree rotation. A positive lock mechanism ensures an accurate position until released. The design accepts 29mm diameter x 2mm thick substrates housed within 25mm clear aperture mounting rings which are included with the rotator. The removable mounting rings permits easy and convenient interchange among the various materials offered by REFLEX Analytical. An accessory case is supplied for safe transport and storage.

Mounted and unmounted 29mm diameter polarizers can be purchased separately. Other standard polarizer diameters include 25mm and 38mm. Larger area polarizers are also available upon request.