Benchtop Laboratory Grinding Mill

Benchtop Laboratory Grinding Mill

Benchtop Laboratory Grinding Mill
REFLEX Analytical announces a new Benchtop Laboratory Grinding Mill for small volume grinding applications. The Benchtop Laboratory Grinding Mill offers high speed pulverizing action which eliminates the tedious and time consuming task of preparing solid samples with the use of agate mortars and pestles. The rapid vibrating motion of the vial and the fast mixing, oscillating action of three ball pestles permit samples to be ground more uniformly and reproducibly.

The integrated timer operates from 30 seconds to an indefinite time period. The timer provides for one minute line graduations for convenient reference and repeatability. If longer than 30 minutes grinding time is required then the operator simply turns the timer anti-clockwise to the untimed position and the grinding duration will be indefinite.

Select from two different grinding vial and pestle sets. Each set consists of a vial, three ball pestles and vial plug. Choose from either Agate or Stainless Steel vial and pestle materials. The hardness of sample matrix will assist with determining which vial and pestle material to select. The hardness of the Agate set is typically between 6 and 7 while the hardness of the Stainless Steel set is 7.5 on the Mohs scale. The capacity of the grinding vial is 3ml and the recommended filling volume for maximum grinding efficiency is 1ml (excluding the ball pestles).

Contributing to the Benchtop Laboratory Grinding Mill’s stability is the 8 pounds weight and size (5.75” height x 5.75” width x 5” depth). When ordering, specify 110V or 220V voltage.

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Benchtop Laboratory Grinding Mill
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Stainless Steel Vial & Ball Pestles
includes three Stainless Steel ball pestles
Agate Vial & Agate Ball Pestles
includes three Agate ball pestles