Porous Divinylbenzene Polymer, HP-PLOT Q, GS-Q, CP-PoraPLOT Q HT, Supel PLOT Q, Rt-Q

AB-PLOT Q, porous divinylbenzene polymer

AB-PLOT Q, porous divinylbenzene polymer
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Product Description

  • Divinylbenzene polymer particle, nonpolar, close to traditional PoraPak Q
  • Truly immobilized coating and smooth baseline workable for valve switching and liquid sample introduction at low temperatures
  • Highest temperature limit, up to 280/300
  • Baseline separation of Air, CO2, water, sulfur gases, hydrogen chlorine, ammonia/light amines from hydrocarbons such as refinery stream, natural gas, and engine exhaust
  • Excellent separation of C1 to C3 isomers, good separations of C3 to C12, halocarbons
  • Excellent inertness and stability of water/alcohol sample, a good secondary choice of wax column for alcohol analysis
  • Excellent tolerance to strong acid/base sample without affecting retention time
  • Good anti-oxidation at 280C and fast regeneration of performance
  • Observed slight sulfur gas, hydrogen chlorine, and amine absorption
  • Water peak is tailing, but no effect on retention
  • Good choice for analyzing low level solvent residues from wide samples, such as headspace, aqueous, or organic solutions
  • Preferred column for residue analysis in petroleum industry, pharmaceutical, environmental, chemical weapon detection
  • Preferred column to analyze polar compounds including oxygenates from hydrocarbon streams: natural gas, refinery gas, dienes, ethylene, propylene

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    Part Number
    Part Number
    Length (m) ID (mm) Film (μm) Temperature Limit (C)
    8632-1515 19091P-QO3 15 0.32 15 -80 to 280/290
    8632-3015 19091P-QO4 30 0.32 15 -80 to 280/290
    8653-1530 19095P-QO3 15 0.53 30 -80 to 280/290
    8653-3030 19095P-QO4 30 0.53 30 -80 to 280/290