Infrared IR Beacon Night Vision Sticks and IR Beacon Night Vision Circle Markers

Infrared Beacons

Infrared Beacons
REFLEX Analytical introduces Infrared (IR) Beacon Sticks whose patented non-toxic, non-flammable composition permits usage with night vision equipment. The infrared images below were photographed using a night vision camera. The IR Beacon Sticks emit only infrared light and are completely invisible to the human eye. Only infrared or night vision imaging systems which operate in the spectrum of light referenced above will detect the distinct thermal image. They have been designed specifically for industry, law enforcement, fire personnel, the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Military Police, Special Operations and worldwide allied forces. They are used for lighting, identification, marking and locating purposes. Simply bend, snap and shake to commence infrared light emission. Order details below provide for 1.50" and 6.0" IR Beacon Sticks. Optional 15.0" IR Beacon Sticks and 3" IR Beacon Circles are available upon request.

The 1.50", 15" sticks and 3" circles remain bright up to 3 hours while the 6" remains bright for 8 hours. The 6" sticks offers a hanging hook and string hole. 15" sticks offer a string hole only. When required, infrared adhesive tape or Velcro is used for attaching the 1.50" sticks and 3" circles. For discrete identification purposes, the 1.50" sticks are typically configured in a specific geometric shape i.e. cross, delta, triangle, vertical series, horizontal series, stepped series, etc..

Industrial, land, air and sea applications include but are not limited to the following:


Emergency Light, Storage Tank Interior Inspection Light, Confined Area Inspection Light, Underground Light, Exit Marker, Surveillance Marker, Security Personnel Marker, Mining Light, Cave Light, Tunnel Light, Personnel Locator


Surveillance Marker, Route Marker, Aircraft Landing Zone Marker, Helicopter Landing Zone Marker, Paratrooper Landing Marker, Obstacle Marker, Hazard Marker, Vehicle Marker, Triage Marker, Vehicle Repair Marker, Aircraft Repair Marker, Area Marker, Vehicle Lane Marker, Tracking Marker, Motion Marker, Mobility Marker, Head Clearance Marker, Personnel Marker, Map Light, Reading Light, Mine Field Marker, Chemical Contamination Marker, Hazardous Area Marker, Danger Zone Marker, Perimeter Marker, Ambush Marker, Weather Instrument Marker, Interior Vehicle Light, Tank Interior Light, Survivor Marker


Ruck Sack Marker, Bundle Drop Marker, Survival Kit Marker, Altimeter Light, Landing Zone Marker, Cockpit Light, Drop Zone Marker, Free Fall Marker, Parachute Marker, SOS Marker Down Pilot Marker, Rescue Marker, Safety Marker


Rescue Marker, Diver Buoy Marker, Ship Evacuation Marker, Ship Escape Route Marker, Personnel Marker, Berth Marker Boat Marker, Marina Marker, Life Raft Marker, Life Jacket Marker, Vessel Interior Marker, Emergency Light, Reef Marker, Danger Zone Marker, Survivor Marker

The export of this product without proper licensing is strictly prohibited and falls under ITAR per title 22, CFR, parts 120-130. Please contact REFLEX Analytical Corporation to receive further information on how to obtain proper licensing from the U.S. Department of State.
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1.50" IR Beacon Infrared Night Vision Light Sticks, 100/pk
1.50" IR Beacon Infrared Night Vision Light Sticks, 100/pk
6.0" IR Beacon Infrared Night Vision Light Sticks, 50/pk
6.0" IR Beacon Infrared Night Vision Light Sticks, 50/pk