ICP & ICP-MS glassware repairs for torches, spray chambers and nebulizers.

ICP Glassware Repair

ICP Glassware Repair
REFLEX Analytical designs and supports many types of precision fabricated fused cuvettes and analytical cells. This area of skilled fabrication has provided REFLEX Analytical an opportunity for its talented glassblowers to repair and modify over one thousand of pieces of glassware each year including but not limited to consumables for ICP and ICP-MS such as torches, spray chambers, nebulizers and AA heating quartz cells. This refurbishing service is an effort to recycle, preserve resources and pass along savings. Click on the image above to gain an appreciation for refurbished ICP glassware before and after.

When compared to the cost of a new piece of glassware, the potential savings associated with a refurbished part is at least 50% depending on the type of glassware and the extent of the repair. Skill and prudence is administered in every instance to ensure the best result. Our objective is to salvage and not replace in an effort to best serve our customers' interest. We will advise with each case if it is more cost effective to repair rather than replace. We support Agilent, Bruker, Finnigan, GV Micromass, Hitachi, JY Jobin Yvon, Nu Instruments, Perkin Elmer, Sciex, Seiko, Shimadzu, Spectro Analytical Instruments, Teledyne Leeman Labs, Thermo Scientific, TJA Thermo ARL, VG Instruments and Varian products.

We can replace the outer shield, base or sidearm of most broken or used ICP and ICP-MS torches if the main body of the torch is not damaged. Damage to the inner shield of a ICP torch cannot be repaired. Damage to the inner shield includes cracks, melting and devitrification (crystallization). We cannot guarantee the performance of a ICP torch with a damaged injector, torches with such damage also cannot be repaired. Ceramic base ICP torches for TJA instruments may be rebuilt multiple times. Available with or without a new injector, rebuilt TJA torches receive all new precision i.d./o.d. quartz inner and outer tubes and new argon fittings with the used base remaining as the only component which separates it from a brand new OEM torch. Repaired torches pass through the same QC program as new torches, guaranteeing it meets original manufacturer’s specifications.

Most broken or damaged items can be repaired in 2 weeks or less. E-mail to reflexusa@att.com an image and provide the OEM part number with description of the required repair. We will reply with pricing for the repair along with return instructions. We will also quote the price of a brand new part for comparison. Upon receiving the part(s) we will complete our evaluation to confirm the part(s) can be salvaged.
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