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Gas Detector Tube Sampling System
REFLEX Analytical is dedicated to delivering gas detection solutions and now complements its series of spectroscopy gas cells with gas detection products from Kitagawa America including gas detector tubes and sampling pumps, air flow indicators, portable/personal gas monitors and fixed gas detection systems allowing anyone to simply, quickly and quantitatively measure gases.

CLICK HERE to download the Kitagawa America product catalog which includes part numbers and descriptions for the same precision gas sampling tubes you can directly order from this website (scroll below). The catalog also includes a convenient guide which provides for a cross reference to gas detector tube selections. Product specifications, instruction sheets and MSDS accompany each gas while also available as .pdf files upon request.

CLICK HERE to watch a short video showing how easy it is to use the Gas Detector Tube System with the AP20 Sampling Pump with minimal training. More than 400 types of detector tubes are available to detect a wide range of gases and vapors, in a multitude of concentration ranges from ppb to percent.

The Gas Detector Tube System is a complete sampling and analysis system for determining the concentration of hazardous gases and vapors on the spot. Tubes are calibrated on a single pump stroke, and provide a direct reading of the gas concentration. Each detector tube is wrapped in a thin transparent film that guards against shattering of the glass tube and the dispersing of chemical reagent in the event of accidental breakage.

The AP20 piston-type sampling pump accurately and reproducibly draws a 100cc sample through the detector tube. Its molded contoured grip makes sampling easy. A single stroke is all that is needed. A Sample Finish Indicator provides a positive visual indication that sampling is complete and the detector tube is ready to be read. Its integral detector tube tip cutter retains the glass shards and allows for their ultimate safe disposal.

The AP20 Sampling Pump is now available in four different colors (blue, red, green and yellow). All are designed with the same contoured antibacterial grip, integral tube tip cutter and flow finish indicator.

CLICK HERE for a fast download of the Gas Detector Tube System Handbook. We encourage the purchase of a hard copy for convenient reference and preparedness. The Handbook is 426 pages providing complete and detailed instructions for sample pump operation with datasheets for each gas detector tube to assist with sampling, understanding the measurements relative to temperature, interference and cross sensitivity. The Handbook is a valuable tool for general knowledge of gas measurements with reference to threshold limit values to determine safe, harmful and dangerous levels with recommendations of preventive measures associated with poisoning and explosion.
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