AB-PLOT, AI203, "M", similar phases HP-PLOT Al2O3/”M”, GS-Alumina, ZB-Alumina

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AB-PLOT, AI203, "M"
AB-PLOT, AI203, "M"
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Product Description

  • Strong selective Olefins (most “polar”) aluminum oxide phase
  • Deactivated with Na2MoO4 salt
  • Mostly baseline separation of C1 to C10 hydrocarbons, good baseline separation of cyclopropane from propylene
  • Accurate quantitations of dienes and halocarbons
  • ASTM recommended phase
  • Preferred choice of hydrocarbon separation

  • Similar Phases :HP-PLOT Al2O3/”M”, GS-Alumina, ZB-Alumina

    Part Number
    Part Number
    Length (m) ID (mm) Film (μm) Temperature Limit (C)
    8332-5008 19091P-M15 50 0.32 8 -60 to 200
    8353-3015 19095P-M23 30 0.53 15 -60 to 200
    8353-5015 19095P-M25 50 0.53 15 -60 to 200

    ADVICE: 250C for duration < 30min each time.